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Speed-ball Poland can provide you with a professional and highest level sports and educational camps, excursions, international exchanges and meetings.


Become a part of our community and gain a chance to establish international contacts and friendships through our trips, camps and international competitions. Improve your language and develop a vide scope of interests and multicultural relations that might be very important in your future educations, work and life. Get in contact with your peers from France, Egypt, Kuwait, India, Japan or Canada.


As a member of Speed-Ball Poland Federation you can develop your personality in a narrow, exclusive environment of people with passion. Get involved and establish friendships with people from all around Poland while taking part in camps and conventions as well as learn a lot about yourself in a fair play sports competition. Build a strong, long-term relations and learn how to be an open-minded and cultural person. Feel comfortable and experienced in multicultural company.

Train with the best coaches and players in Poland! Thanks to the relations established at camps and excursion organized by Speed-ball Poland you can meet the best out of the best not only on Polish but also on international sports arena.


To make sure that we offer you the highest quality of our service and to ensure that we are constantly developing and inventing new ways of working with young people in sports and education we are visiting different sports and educational events. We are also in the process of conducting different sports and educational activities in over 100 schools in Poland.

We not only work on creating innovative interdisciplinary programmes for young people and their teachers. We organize complex educational and personality shaping experiences for kids and young people from all age groups. We are aware of what it takes to change traditional methods of teaching and getting in contact with sports into valuable and above all fun adventures that change young persons altitude towards different aspects of culture. We use interesting and memorable experiences such as trampoline parks, go-carts, paintball, innovative sightseeing tours and interactive methods of learning. We collaborate with national and international specialists to make sure that your child learns and has fun in an international company.

In our history of organizing camps and educational programmes we collaborated with:

  • University of Science and Technology in Cracow
  • Jagiellonian University in Cracow
  • Polytechnics of Cracow
  • Foundation for Physical Culture Development
  • Institute of Sports (an organization of Polish Ministry of Sport)
  • Academy of Physical Education in Cracow
  • Cracow City Department of Sports
  • International Speed-ball Federation
  • worldspeedball.eu – a producer of the best equipment for Speed-ball in the world
  • National Speed-ball federations from multiple countries in Europe and in different parts of the world

Contact us

(+48) 510 129 349  info@speed-ball.pl

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